Sauvignon Blanc

Napa Valley

Here’s proof that Sauvignon Blanc is just so underrated. A crisp, sweet pop followed by a smoothness and a completely dry finish makes our debut 2011 Sauvignon Blanc surprisingly complex and brightly optimistic. Whatever you thought about SB before, think again. We’re all about that.

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Flavor Palette

2011 Uproot Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes

Starts out crisp and lightly sweet, but rounds out as you go. That initial sweetness that pops out in the front is deceptive. This wine finishes seriously as dry as laundry on a summer clothesline.

Some would say it’s a great way to kick off a summer barbeque. But we’re open-minded and don’t like limits, so go ahead and drink it with whatever and whenever you want. Greg’s favorite was fish tacos with fresh lemon and extra cilantro. What’s yours?

Winemaking Info

2011 was a tough year in Napa for this grape. But we do love a challenge. Cooler weather meant it took about three weeks longer to ripen. We harvested from two different blocks of a single vineyard and fermented in stainless steel barrels.

We fermented half in stainless steel for brightness; the other half in oak to smooth out the green notes. Then we blended them back together for a complexity that reflects the best of both worlds. Proving once again that good things come to those who wait an extra three weeks.