Santa Ynez Valley

We said we’d only use varietals you can pronounce. But then again, we aren’t that into rules after all—even our own. So we made this dry, fruit-forward rosé from 52% Carignane and 48% Syrah. “Care-in-yawn” is close enough, but make no mistake, this vibrant rosé is no bore. It’s our new favorite way to kick back and savor the afternoon.

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Flavor Palette

2013 Rose

Tasting Notes

A refreshing choice for a picnic or the beach in the leisurely days of summer. Or for the middle of winter when you’re wishing for the leisurely days to get here faster.

A coral shade rather than the blush color you usually associate with rosé tells you this one is different. Not sweet, but definitely dry. You won’t miss the fruity aromas quickly followed by the bright, tangy finish that lingers like a Montauk Sunday.

Winemaking Info

To make rosé, you can either bleed off some juice from your red grapes. Or you can pick your fruit with the express purpose of crafting a great rosé. Guess what we did.

We picked our choice 52% Carignane and 48% Syrah fruit a tad early to keep sugar levels down. Then threw them in the macro bin and broke up the grapes to give the juice just a hint of color. We aged our first oakless wine in stainless steel for six months and the result is light, crisp and expressly designed for kicking back.